Our 4th week, and what a week it was, was topped off by a perfect rainbow on Thursday night down by the waterfront. Rainbow   The five campers who canoed the St. Croix with two counselors and our Maine Guide, John Wight, had a fantastic time with perfect weather. They found the river higher than ever due to the heavy winter snow and the spring rains. The Second year Seniors and Point girls canoed the Songo River and Sebago Lake.  Plebes hiked Sugarloaf Mountain and Zealand Falls.
Zealand Falls
1st year Plebes hiking Zealand Falls
Our swim team, made up of mixed ages and skills, attended a six camp swimming meet at Camp Timonous. Our girls recorded their best times yet. tie dye   Last Wednesday was Tie Dye Day for all. Campers and counselors wore tie dye clothes (and if you didn’t bring tie dye you could wear whatever crazy colors you had in your pinebox or trunk.) and tie dye hair.  Heather Benninghoven hosted a tie dye party for 173 happy campers and even tie dyed their own cupcakes for dessert.   Friday brought the Garden Party, for Seniors and up.  The CTGs decorated the Pine Grove with the theme “Up, Up and Away” and had glow-in-the-dark mini-hot air balloons.  Chuck, who has been the DJ at our Garden Parties now for more than 30 years, enhanced the theme with great music.  Fun was had by all. And on Sunday, after a wonderful Meeting focused on rain written by the Plebes, we celebrated Camp Arcadia’s 99th Birthday.  The party was kicked off with the tunnel into the Pine Grove organized by number of years at Arcadia and generation.  The meal was excellent and finished off by cake and ice cream.  The counselors were served the traditional Blueberry Buckle that was revived a few years ago by former campers & counselor, Sarah Schechter.  Anne Fritts told great stories of Arcadia’s past including the history of the ice house and making our own ice cream from the milk and berries at the Arcadia Farm.   Next Weekend— PCW — High excitement for all !!!!!! Warm Regards, Anne Henderson Fritts and Louise Fritts Johnson