IMG_1456Of course the high point of the last week was our Parent Visiting Weekend.  Excellent weather made possible many activities — plays by the Junior, Plebes and Seniors on Saturday morning and our horse show on Saturday afternoon.  Many parents participated in or observed our activities, from weaving and arts and crafts to Campcraft, Tennis, Sailing, Canoeing, Boating and Swimming. “Hey Dad, let’s do a dock landing.”     “Mom….watch this dive.”   Saturday evening was kicked off by outdoor supper in the Pine Grove for 600.  Campfire followed with new guardians (every two weeks each age group selects girls who have made a significant impact in their group living) being elected – Ruby Lerman, Kiki Fraim, Audrey Taplitz, Amy Anderson, Emma Beaumont-Smith, Flora Morrison, Virginia Bonsal and Brady McGettigan. Many campers were proud to receive levels in front of their parents.  Maine Lore focused on milfoil and how The Pleasant Lake Association has worked very hard to eliminate milfoil from the lake.  Parents joined in the fun by participating in games.  Campfire ended, as usual, with some great Camp songs.   IMG_1697IMG_1759   On Sunday, another beautiful day, we gathered together with parents in the Pine Grove.  Our Sunday Meeting, written by girls in the Club, focused on growing up.  Elizabeth Vogt sang and played “Landslide” for our prelude.  The Club choir sang “In my life”.  The story was “The Fiddler of Cremona”.  
Wawenock horse show
Horseback riders at the Wawenock Horse Show
    Last week was very busy with three sailing regattas, a spelling bee, the Lake Sebago Horseshow and many canoeing and hiking trip.  Arcadia hosted a four camp tennis tournament with Wohelo, Wawenock and Wyonegonic…and Arcadia won!!!     Happy, busy times for all, experiencing new things, making friends and creating memories which will last a lifetime.  

Warm Regards,

Anne Henderson Fritts and Louise Fritts Johnson