Opening Day!!!

bus arrivalOn Saturday, June 20th, campers arrived looking forward to another, our 100th, Arcadia season. The day was truly a RMD, a real Maine day, strong blue sky, bright sun and a few sparkling white clouds and the beautiful lake. WHAT COULD BE BETTER !!!!!!! Each camper went through the excitement of learning what lodges they would be in and who would be their counselors and other new friends, and then trooped down to settle in. We think opening day is one of the most magical days of each summer, campers greeting old friends  and meeting new ones, and the Camp standing tall and excited to greet everyone — a new wing on the kitchen, newly planted grass all around camp, two new 420 sailboats , and lodges, beds , waterfront and 70 counselors, all ready to go. sunday meetingThis Sunday was a regular Sunday – we slept in, well, not really as the campers and counselors were so excited to be together, we had warm coffee cake and fresh fruit and we had a long clean-up to set up our cabins and get to know each other. Sunday Meeting was led by Anne and Frank Fritts in the Main Lodge with a fire warming the room.  The meeting focused on making the world a better place because we have been in it.  The prelude was a flute solo played by Sabrina Schnitt, our head of Canoeing and CTG counselor.  The counselor choir sang “I was here” by Beyonce.  The music was stunning. The afternoon focused on Introduction skit practice due to a little rain.  The rain paused long enough so we could get in our Opening Candlelight ceremony to awaken the Spirit of Arcadia.  After the ceremony the campers in the Point, Club and CTG units remained around the fire and learned how to make bread and cook it over a fire.  Great fun for all. Opening candlelight Opening candlelight 2 Monday brought Canoe, Swim and Riding Evaluations, Tennis, Arts and Crafts, Archery and all the rest of our activities.  Monday night was introduction skits.  They were wonderful, very funny and original.  Each girl got up in-front of the Camp and shared their name and where they are from.  Amazing.  Introduction skits are really a defining moment the summer is about our campers and we become a community. intro skit We believe our 100th season is off to a great start.  

With Best Regards,

Anne Henderson Fritts and Louise Fritts Johnson apotheke levitra 10mg