Make the world more beautiful and better because you have been in it

On the 10th day of the camp the rain finally stopped and the sun came out. We had glorious weather for Sunday Meeting in the Pine Grove. The CTGs created the meeting around the four goals of Arcadia and the impact Arcadia has had on their lives. Lydia McGinn, Margaux Kanamori and Abbey Hazen sang the prelude. The CTGs wrote and sang a song just for the Sunday Meeting. Anne Fritts read the introduction of “The Americanizaton of Edward Bok which ends with the message, “Make the world more beautiful and better because you have been in it.”

After ice cream topped with strawberries picked at a local farm by the Juniors and CTGs the Camp took on projects to help make Arcadia more beautiful. First, we did an all camp clean up then divided into multi age group teams lead by the CTGs – each team beautified Arcadia in some way. We planted flowers, weeded gardens, raked the beach, raked leaves, cleaned screens and windows, scouted the Beaver Pond trail after a long winter and more. Girls from the Point and Club picked up trash on the sides of the road.

Our day ended with each team reporting on their experience and then a super evening program of lacrosse, acapella singing, creative writing for Chipmunk Chatter and volleyball in the water.

This week we celebrate Summer Earth Week with our trips program in full gear. Our first canoe trip of the season departed at morning General Swim. The girls paddle down the lake, under a bridge, through a lily pond and camp on Peanut Island. Seven campers and three counselors departed early to climb East Royce in New Hampshire.

In honor of Earth Week we are also tracking food plate waste for each meal each day with a goal of taking just what we consume. Tuesday we will learn about the ethics of Leave no Trace and how we can implement them at Arcadia. Wednesday we will focus on water waste with timed showers and making an effort turn water off while brushing our teeth. Thursday we will honor electricity by not using light in cabins for 24 hours. On Friday all activities will either celebrate the earth and what it gives to us or teach about taking care of what we have.

Stay tuned for photos of our 4th of July celebration.

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  • Joan Scott

    Beautiful young women keeping our Earth healthy and gorgeous. Thank you for the words of Bok.