Counselor Responsibilities

IMG_5277 Female counselors will live in a lodge with a co-counselor and campers. Some examples of lodge responsibilities are: getting your campers up in the morning, helping with the lodge clean-up, spending time with them, being a positive support for them, and putting your campers to bed at night. 419   Male counselors do not live with campers, but with other male staff. You will have daily interactions with campers and will have additional responsibilities around camp. Most counselors teach four one-hour activity periods Monday-Saturday to all age groups. Carnival (69)   Wednesdays there are only two activity periods in the morning and the afternoon is spent interacting with the campers at camp or on a hike or paddle. Sunday is a relaxed day with no scheduled teaching activity periods, however, counselors will have responsibilities for other camp events.   A-C_Ella_Emily Counselors who work with our youngest campers are not assigned to specific activities, but support their campers in all the activities and live with them. Counselors who work with staff children (ages 3-7) do not live with the children, but with other staff members. These counselors work on a different schedule than lodge counselors.