Enrichment Opportunities

Tutoring and Guided Study Halls

Many schools are asking students to do extra work over the summer. Although we believe children need a break from classroom education we believe even stronger in the benefits of summer camp. Therefore, we offer tutoring and guided study hall for those children who need to spend some of their time with us focused on classroom education. Tutoring is offered at different times throughout the day in 30 and 60 minute sessions. Guided study hall is offered during rest time and for an hour during the evening.

In both cases schools need to provide work to be covered during these sessions. If technology is needed this should be provided by the families and stored at the Main Lodge.


Many schools are going paperless and therefore children need good keyboarding skills. We offer keyboarding during the first 30 minutes of rest hour three times per week.

Language immersion table

During three meals each week we have language immersion tables where girls choose to sit and practice their foreign language. We offer immersion tables for Spanish and French.

Free time/play time

Built into each day at Arcadia are many opportunities for free time. During these times girls have the freedom to just play. As we know play produces flexibility, creativity and resilience. The more opportunities we create for play for young people the better executive functioning will be later in life.