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Louise Fritts Johnson
A fourth generation Arcadia camper, counselor and now director, Louise has spent most of her summers at Camp. Her focus is on creating a nurturing and developmentally appropriate environment for all campers.  As a camper she especially loved Canoeing, Swimming and Campcraft. She received Arcadia’s Advanced Certification in Counselor Training and was a Junior Maine Guide. Certified by the National Outdoor Leadership School, she is active in the American Camping Association and the Maine Youth Camping Association.

Her three young children – fifth generation Arcadians – are at Arcadia each summer and with all of that, she does camper enrollment, supervises counselor hiring, manages the kitchen and staff and on a daily basis is in charge, summer, fall, winter and spring. Louise lives in Connecticut during the off season with her husband and family.


Anne Fritts

Anne grew up at Arcadia. As a camper she involved herself in almost all the activities at camp, becoming a fourth level Honor Camper and a Junior Maine Guide. She was among the first group we sent to the Junior Maine Guide program. She was head of both the Canoeing and Campcraft departments and since 1970 has concentrated on managing the Camp.

Anne taught history in schools in New York City for several years before turning to camping as her primary professional interest. She is member of the Maine Youth Camping Association and a Life Member of the American Camping Association. She visits other camps on behalf of the American Camping Association to carry out its accreditation program.

Anne is involved in Arcadia year round, supervising the buildings and grounds and finances and, with her daughter Louise, always with an eye, an ear and a voice on what is going on and how it can be done better. Anne is also involved in conservation efforts at both the local and state levels. Anne lives in New Jersey with her husband.

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Assistant Directors


Cindy Murphy
Cindy has been involved with Arcadia for over 30 years. As a camper she spent most of her time on the waterfront-swimming, canoeing and waterskiing. She earned her Advanced Counselor Training Certificate and was a Junior Maine Guide. She began her counselor years as a swimming counselor and after a short hiatus from camp became Head of Canoeing, then Head of Waterfront and eventually a senior administrator in the Head Counselor’s office.

After 18 years of teaching 6th grade in New Hampshire, Cindy joined Arcadia year-round in 2007 as an Assistant Director. She supervises all camper activities in the summer and works with Anne and Louise in the fall, winter and spring in the manifold activities, requisite to getting Camp up and running each summer.


Vicki Secrest
Arriving in 1966 as a swimming counselor, Vicki soon headed the Swimming Department for several years and, in 1972, became the Head Counselor, learning the tasks that allow Arcadia to function smoothly.  This administrative experience inspired her to make a life-long commitment to education.

A public school product from kindergarten through the University of Kansas, her experiences at the Sunset Hill School in Kansas City, MO introduced her to the independent school world. During her career in schools, she served as Head of Class VII at the Nightingale-Bamford School, New York City, Director of the Middle School at Springside School, Philadelphia, PA and Dean of the Upper School at Rye Country Day School, Rye, NY.  Arcadia’s philosophy and program provided a great deal of the foundation for Vicki’s philosophy of education.

Vicki has held many responsibilities at Camp Arcadia:  Executive Director of the Camp Arcadia Scholarship Foundation, Coordinator of the alumnae newsletter, Director of Guidance, Activity Coordinator, Head of the Living Units and, for many years now, Assistant Director.

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Leadership Team


Carol was introduced to camp nursing thirty five years ago when her son Brian attended Camp Powhatan, now Seeds of Peace, across the lake from Camp Arcadia. She filled in at their Health Center when needed during the thirteen years that Brian was a camper and counselor.

Carol finds it incredible that she was drawn back to Pleasant Lake in 2013 to help staff the Infirmary when Brian’s daughter and her granddaughter Payton became an Arcadian. Three generations of her family are now able to share fond memories of their summers on Pleasant Lake!

A lifelong Maine resident, Carol has practiced as a Registered Nurse with a concentration in Emergency Medicine for over forty years. In fact, she continues to work in the Emergency Department at Mercy Hospital in Portland and is well connected to the medical community that serves Camp Arcadia. In addition, she holds a degree in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Maine and a certificate from their Legal Assistant program.


Frank Fritts
Also a fourth generation Arcadian and one of Anne’s children, Frank spent the summers of his early years at Camp Arcadia and then was a camper and counselor at a boys’ camp in Vermont. He has been at Arcadia for over fifteen years.

Frank has been Head of Canoeing, leading great canoe trips. He has also been our Head of Safety and helped create the daily schedule. After earning a Masters in Education from Harvard in 2002, he taught history and was a Head Dorm Parent at a boarding school in western Massachusetts. He married his wife, Katy, in 2009 and they now live in Pawling, NY where he teaches at another boarding school.


Holly Graham
Holly Graham
Holly came to Arcadia as a Trips counselor in 2006 and has not looked back. After leading hiking trips for two summers, she began working year-round with Arcadia, assisting Louise Fritts Johnson.

Holly grew up in Iowa, and thanks to her family, fell in love with camping, hiking, and nature at a very young age. She received her bachelor’s in Leisure, Youth, and Human Services with a focus in Outdoor Recreation from the University of Northern Iowa. She currently lives in Connecticut and travels each summer to Maine to supervise activities as an Activity Coordinator as well as a variety of other Information Technology responsibilities.


Jane Loxterkamp
Jane came to camping later in her life but quickly understood why the girls at Arcadia come back year after year. Jane loves to watch the growth that occurs in each girl as she challenges herself in activities and experiences community living.

Jane grew up in Iowa, where she received a Masters in Education from the University of Iowa, and currently lives in Maine with her teenage daughter. When not at Camp Arcadia, Jane is an Education faculty member, helping to prepare future educators.


Laura Monica
After Laura’s daughter was a First Year Plebe at Arcadia in 2007 Laura knew that she herself had to be a part of what she calls our ‘amazing’ camp. Her daughter attended Arcadia for 7 years going all the way through the CT. Her son attends a boys’ camp nearby in Maine so she fully understands the value of camp for children and what an important experience it is for them. As a girl, she spent summer vacations in Maine, enjoying Maine’s lakes and swimming, canoeing and camping.

Joining the year round team in 2010, Laura works closely with the directors to hire our amazing staff for each summer. With a BA in Psychology and a Master’s in Education, the new challenge of staff hiring seemed a perfect next step in her career. She loves talking to potential staff members, learning about them and finding staff who are the right fit for Arcadia. With a love of teaching, guiding and helping children to develop confidence and independence, she takes her role very seriously always thinking about the safety and well – being of the campers and staff in hiring decisions. Working with the Point, Club and CT units was a logical switch from working with the younger girls as the older campers are beginning to develop their own leadership skills and eventually may even join the staff at Arcadia.

Laura lives outside of Richmond, Virginia with her husband and children. She teaches preschool movement and music for fun!


Tori Smith
Tori spent five wonderful summers at Arcadia as a camper, and her many experiences at camp helped her to grow as an individual into an independent woman.

Tori joined the CA staff in 2011. This summer she is excited to be working with the Junior Unit again. 

Camp Arcadia is not only an important part of Tori’s life; it is a very special place to the whole family. Tori and her family have attended Family Camp each summer for 10 years. She is especially excited that her camp legacy continues to the next generation through her daughter Lindsay’s campership at Arcadia, and her son’s camp experience at a nearby boys’ camp.

In her life away from Maine, Tori was an advertising executive in NYC for many years before “retiring” to motherhood. Tori lives in Connecticut with her husband Greg and their two children, Spencer and Lindsay, and dog Willy.

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