Periods of Employment – 2016

Early Crew ( June 8-June 13) starts at 5:00 on June 8IMG_5050 Some counselors are hired in early June to open camp. Responsibilities during this time are generally physical and include setting up facilities, docks, cleaning living spaces, painting, brush removal, moving equipment and any other task necessary to open Camp.   Pre-Camp Training (range between June 7-June 11) starts at 5:00 on day indicated  Some positions require pre-camp training and staff are expected to attend clinics and Certifications based on their positions at Camp. Please check the specific job descriptions for requirements of the position.   Department Head Training (begins June 12) starts at 5:00 on June 12 Department heads come a few days before orientation and participate in Leadership Training. Orientation_Kat leading song   Counselor Orientation/Camp Season (June 14-August 14) All counselor staff work during orientation, the camp season, and the alumnae reunion. Campers come for various amounts of time ranging from two to seven weeks. Campers arrive on June 23 and leave on August 11.   Family Camp & A Week in the Woods (starts on August 14) IMG_1372 Some staff will be hired to work these weeks. Family Camp is a time when families come and spend a week at Arcadia. Children live with their parents during Family Camp. Counselors will teach activities, lifeguard, babysit or perform other functions to facilitate Family Camp. Counselor lodges and roles will change during this week.   Closing Crew (through August 31) Following Family Camp some staff members will be hired to close Arcadia for the winter. Responsibilities during this time are generally physical and will include closing down facilities, moving equipment, grounds work, painting, dock removal and any other task necessary to close Camp.