Prospective Staff and Positions Available

All Counselor Staff

  • Applicants must be at least 19 years old by June 1, 2016.
  • Demonstrate strong skills and experience in at least one activity
  • Experience with working and/or teaching children
  • A desire to live and work with children ages 7-17.
  • Comfortable living and working in a rural and rustic setting
  • Clean background check
  • Certification required for certain positions. Please check the job descriptions for specific requirements.
  • Female staff typically live in a lodge with campers

Trip Staff (additional pre-requisites)

  • In most cases are at least 21 years old by June 1, 2016.
  • Have a valid US driving license, a clean driving record, and at least 3 years of driving experience.
  • Wilderness First Aid certification required.


Head of Department (additional pre-requisites)

  • Must be at least 21 years old June 1, 2016
  • Must have demonstrated leadership or management experience

We are seeking staff with skills and experience in one of the following areas:



Archery is a popular activity at Arcadia. As an Archery instructor you encourage campers to try a new sport and also get to work with our experienced archers. Whether playing in an all camp tournament or challenging area camps, our campers enjoy the spirit of competition. How about a day as cupid shooting at hearts, or shooting at colored balloons for prizes, the ideas are endless for the Archery instructor. Archery is a single person department. Our Archery instructor must have at least a level one Archery certification and Red Cross First Aid/CPR training. We can assist you in finding courses to meet these requirements.

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Arts and Crafts



From drawing and painting to paper making and pottery, we do it all at Camp Arcadia. Our beautiful setting is the perfect place to inspire girls to develop a love of the art. We are looking for energetic, awe inspiring art instructors to lead our campers in Arts and Crafts. This is a multi-person department.

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Enjoy your summer on our beautiful lake teaching our campers how to row a rowboat. Come share your knowledge of port and starboard. Ever played “follow the leader” on the water, planned a pirate day, or had knot tying contests? Well you will as a counselor in our Boating department. If you are a lifeguard (or eligible to become one), love the water and children, are inspired to teach this is the position for you! Boating is a multi-person department. Boating counselors also need to have Red Cross First Aid/CPR.

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Outdoor living skills are one of the most important components of life at Arcadia. Our Campcraft instructors teach all of the skills need to be successful in this area. From fire building and outdoor cooking to map reading, trees of Maine and site selection, our girls develop the skills needed to be confident and competent in the out of doors. Our campers use their skills on camping and hiking trips in Maine and New Hampshire. We require staff to be trained in Wilderness First Aid Certification and CPR for the safety of our campers. We can assist in helping you to find the course. Campcraft is a multi-person department.

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Are you an avid canoeist? Love to be outside and on the lake? Canoeing is one of our basic activities which means all the girls have an opportunity to learn canoeing at Arcadia so Canoeing is a busy department. How about a game of Quiddich in a canoe? Capture the watermelon? Ever played spear the fish with a paddle? Our experienced canoeing staff works together to teach our campers all aspects of the sport of canoeing through games, skill instruction and practice. Campers practice their skills on our lake and on trips in Maine. If you are a lifeguard (or eligible to become one) and have experience with canoeing we would love to talk to you about a position at Arcadia. Canoeing is a multi-person department. Canoeing instructor also need to have Wilderness First Aid and Red Cross CPR.

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Our campers enjoy learning all types of dance from ballet, to tap, to modern and Zumba. Gymnastics is taught on mats and focus on floor routines and cheerleading. Our dance/gymnastic instructor has high energy, likes to teach children and enjoys teaching both in our outdoor setting. First Aid and CPR are required for this position.

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Are you on a diving team and a confident swimmer? Come share your skills with our campers by teaching them forward pikes, back dives and somersault dives on our beautiful lake. Our Diving instructor is part of the swimming department and teaches swimming to campers as well. Lifeguard certification and Red Cross First Aid/CPR is required for all waterfront staff. We can help you locate a course if you are not trained.

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Alice in Wonderland, Grease, Godspell and Winnie the Pooh – we do all sorts of performances at Arcadia. If you are a theater major or have experience directing children’s theater, this is the position for you. Creativity, flexibility and drama are all skills that are needed for our drama staff. If you love directing plays and making scenery this is the position for you. Drama is a multi –person department.

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How about spending the summer on a beautiful lake in Maine sharing your love of kayaking with our campers? Kayaking is another popular activity at camp. As campers develop their skills they have the opportunity to paddle to our local town (Casco) and to our remote campsite (The Villa). Our Kayaking instructor needs to hold American Red Cross lifeguard certification and Red Cross First Aid/CPR. We can help you locate a course if you are not already certified. Kayaking is a single person department.

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We like to sing at Arcadia and music is a major part of our camp. Our music program includes private lessons in piano (and other instruments), teaching music class and coordinating weekly music for our Sunday Meeting. If you are a music teacher or have experience leading a chorale group and enjoy being in the out-of doors, you will enjoy teaching music at Arcadia. Music is a single person department.

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Nature abounds at Arcadia from the tall pine trees, to the wildlife and our pristine lake. Our campers develop a love for nature and the out-of –doors which is enhanced by our nature counselor. We offer special opportunities in our nature program including gardening, composting and Maine Lore. Nature is a single person department. Our nature counselor must have Wilderness First Aid and CPR. We can help you locate a course if you do not have these certifications.

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riding 1


Our stables and riding ring, just a short walk from the Main Lodge, are located at our ten-acre Gibb’s Field. The balance seat riding program includes instruction and experience in equitation, horse care and grooming. Trail rides take campers through the pine woods, up dirt roads to views of the White Mountains and down to Pleasant Lake. Campers have the opportunity to participate in horse shows and gymkhanas at Arcadia and other camps. Riding Staff are certified in CPR and First Aid.


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We offer sailing on our beautiful lake using small boats including 420s,Turnabouts, Lasers and Hobies. Our Sailing instructors teach campers from will all level of skill. Campers learn the skills needed for recreational sailing. For those who are interested, they can learn to race and participate in regattas with nearby camps. Ever had a pirate day on a lake well you will when you join our Sailing department. All of our waterfront staff must have American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification/First Aid and CPR (or the foreign equivalent) . We can assist in locating a course if you are not yet certified.

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Our swimming department is a busy place as everyone attends swimming at Arcadia. If you are a strong swimmer, have had experience working with children and love the out of doors come and join our swimming Department. Our beautiful lake is the perfect setting to teach our campersto refine their skills from beginner to advanced swimmer. All of our swimming instructors have American Red Cross Water Safety Instruction (WSI), Lifeguard training (LGT), CPR & First Aid. We can help you locate a course if you are not already certified.


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Synchronized Swimming

Camp Arcadia 241
Our campers love to learn the routines of synchronized swimming. If you have experience on a synchro team and would like to share your love of the sport, come and teach in a beautiful setting at Arcadia. Our synchronized swimming instructor is a part of our swimming department and teaches swimming as well. All of our waterfront staff must have American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification/FA/CPR. We can assist you in locating a course if you are not already certified.

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Do you love to play tennis and have experience teaching children how to play? Do you love being in the out-of- doors then come to play on our Arcadian blue courts. Our campers range from beginners to advanced tennis players. We have in-camp tournaments as well as matches with nearby camps. We use Quick Start for our campers under 10. Tennis is a multi-person department.


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Our trip staff has the great opportunity to lead hiking trips in the mountains of New Hampshire and Maine. All of our campers have the opportunity to experience trips from day hikes to wilderness overnight trips. Our trip staff teaches campers how to be confident and successful in the out-of-doors from completing a hike, to be a good steward of the environment and other important life lessons. If you are an outdoor enthusiast with a passion for hiking, this is the position for you. Canoeing experience is beneficial. Our trips staff must have Wilderness First Aid and CPR. Many also have lifeguard training. We can assist you in finding a course if not already certified.

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Our fiber arts program includes weaving and some knitting which are both very popular at Arcadia. Our campers like to make small projects like purses and god’s eyes to larger projects such as rugs and belts. We use a wide variety of looms including frame looms, table looms, inkle looks and floor looms. If you are a fiber arts major or just have a love for weaving and enjoy working with children, you will love being the weaving instructor at Arcadia.

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Junior Counselor

Camp Arcadia 063Do you love working with elementary aged children? Our Junior counselors work with our youngest campers and assist them to have successful summers at Arcadia. If you are a creative and fun loving person who is not afraid to play games this is the position for you. Experience working with children is essential to being successful in this position. Junior counselors live with their campers aged 7 -9 and also attend activities with them. Most of our Junior counselor staff are lifeguards (or eligible to be trained). All of our Junior counselors must have First Aid/CPR. Junior counselors must be comfortable swimming in our lake and being around horses. Juniors is a multi-person department.

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Office Staff

The Arcadia camp office is a busy and dynamic place. Our office staff is organized, professional and flexible with a good sense of humor. Responsibilities include answering the phone, computer work and collecting and distributing mail. This position can be residential or live off camp.

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Our driver is an important part of the staff. Whether you are getting supplies, driving trips or planning fun “off-camp” activities for staff you are invaluable. We are looking for someone with a knowledge of Maine and New Hampshire, clean driving record and over 21 with at least 3 years driving experience.

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Do you enjoy working with and caring for horses. We have a barn with six horses and our groom is responsible for maintaining the stables, feeding the horses and monitoring the health of the horses. If you would like to share this knowledge with our campers, you may also teach stable management. This can be a commuter or residential position.

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We have a very busy kitchen in the summer! If you are interested in the culinary arts or learning about how to work in a kitchen, this is the position for you! This can be a residential or commuter position.

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Camp Arcadia 542


Our cleaning staff works hard to keep Arcadia sparkling. Come join our housekeeping staff and spend the summer in a beautiful setting. This can be a residential or commuter position.


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Camp Arcadia is a 365+ Acre property that comes alive every summer with 250 people. We are looking for maintenance staff that have experience with grounds keeping, handy man skills and painting skills. Experience with carpentry, plumbing and electricity is preferred. A valid driver’s license and clean driving record is a required.

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VLUU P1200 / Samsung P1200
The cubs are our youngest children at camp. They are the children of staff members and live with their parents. Our cub counselors are nannies/counselors who play with, teach and care for these children. If you have a background in early childhood education, are energetic, flexible and have a love of the out-of-doors, you will make a great cub counselor. We prefer cub counselors who have lifeguard certification or are eligible to become a lifeguard. We can help you locate a course at home if you are not yet certified.

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Nurses work as a team to provide for the overall health of the people living at Camp Arcadia. Their primary concern is the physical and emotional health of campers. This includes giving appropriate support and guidance to the counselors who live and work with campers. Nurses are expected to keep accurate, well-organized records and to communicate in a timely fashion with Arcadia’s Directors and Unit Coordinators. Working harmoniously and maintaining a positive, welcoming, caring environment in the health care center is of paramount importance. Nurses at Arcadia work hard and make a tremendous difference in the well-being of the whole camp family! We are seeking nurses with the following certifications RN, LPN and nurses assistant. Nurses should have CPR & First Aid as well.

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Unit Coordinator

Unit Coordinators are responsible for the well-being and support of their Unit (age group). This includes working directly with campers, staff and parents to ensure a successful summer is had by all. Unit Coordinators also plan events and activities within their unit, lead meetings, evaluate staff and complete/manage paperwork. This is a supervisory position so at least 5 years of successful experience in camping, education, counseling or equivalent is preferred. Our Units are Juniors (Campers aged 7-9), Plebes (Campers aged 10 and 11), Seniors (Campers aged 12-13) and Point, Club and CTG ( Campers and Counselor Training group aged 14-17).

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