Facilities for Juniors and Plebes

Facilities for Juniors (girls who have finished 1st – 3rd grades)DSC_0177

The Juniors live in a cabin called Chickadee. The building has a wrap-around porch and two wings connected by a large playroom including a stone fireplace and rocking chairs just their size. Each wing sleeps 6 – 8 campers and three counselors. Chickadee also has electricity and a complete bathroom with sinks, toilet and two showers. When the campers arrive they will find labeled locations for the personal items, hanging items, toiletries, and bathing suit so they know just where everything should be. We have found that this helps our Juniors keep track of their own items and gives them confidence in organizing their own lives.

Facilities for Plebes (girls who have finished 4th & 5th grades)DSC_0531

The Plebes are divided into 1st Year Plebes (4th grade) and 2nd Year Plebes (5th grade). 1st and 2nd Year Plebes live in two or three building that are near each other. Some of the names of the cabins are Spring House, Pooh’s Corner, Plebe 1 & 2, Plebe 3 & 4 or Southfield. Some of these cabins have electricity. Some do not. All have sinks and toilet facilities. Depending on the cabin there might be 4, 6 or 8 girls with two to three counselors.

Like the Juniors, when the campers arrive they will find labeled locations for their personal items.