Arcadia, foundation is the belief that each girl should, with guidance, plan and carry out her own individual program. Our activity program is divided into two parts- Basic Activities and Elective Activities. In the spring before camp, each camper plans her program with her parents. We prepare a daily schedule throughout the summer, offering every camper each day the opportunity to choose activities in which she will participate. The activities are grouped by interest and ability, rather than by age or living units.

In all activities campers learn the safety regulations specific to the activity she is attending, in addition to developing skills and knowledge. Girls work to achieve levels 1-4 (1:beginning skills, 4: most advanced skills) in each activity. In all our activities encouragement, response,feedback, support, warmth, humor and enthusiasm by our counselors enable our campers to develop expertise and to investigate new areas of learning.


Juniors and Plebes (7-11 years old)

We structure our activity program for Juniors and Plebes to meet their needs and abilities. In particular, they make their own decisions on what activities they participate in, based on those chosen by them and their parents, pre-camp. They each day are offered a choice of activities for people at their level.

  Camp Arcadia 294 We believe a welcoming attitude, careful supervision, encouragement, active, hands-on, multi-sensory learning and having fun are essential for each camper’s experience at Arcadia. These are teaching fundamentals we instill in our counselors and reinforce in a variety of ways throughout each summer. We are always amazed by how much our Juniors and Plebes learn, how their decision making gets better and how much pure fun they have in their few weeks at Arcadia!

We are proud of the experience we provide for our younger campers. We encourage you to see for yourself what Arcadia can do for your daughter.IMG_6809    

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