Special Events

Arcadia’s Birthday:
Camp Arcadia celebrates its birthday in early July, complete with a special meal, cake, songs and celebrations.

All-Camp Events:
Twice a summer, our counselor staff will create an unforgettable afternoon for the campers. In the past we’ve had ‘Olympic Sunday’, a carnival, Harry Potter day etc. The campers are grouped into teams and work together by dressing in team colors, creating team chants and completing a series of fun initiatives.

4th of July:
A fun filled day begins at lunch with a cookout at the beach. To celebrate the diversity of our camp community, campers and staff sing their home state and country songs. In the afternoon, we gather in our pine grove to learn the meaning of the 4th of July. The day concludes with lodge skits, special songs and a bonfire at the beach.

Parent-Camper Weekend:
A chance for campers and parents to visit and enjoy the weekend together in mid-July. Campers will participate in activity demonstrations they have been working on. Parents are invited to enjoy camp with their daughter or campers may leave for the day. On Sunday, parents are invited to join the camp for our weekly Sunday Meeting.

“Casco Days”:
The town of Casco, just a mile down the road, hosts this special weekend at the end of July. Campers can enter the 4 mile road race along our lake. Our staff helps the campers train in the preceding weeks. In the evening, our Counselor Training Group enjoys the midway, bingo and fireworks.

To celebrate a fun filled summer together, we conclude the season with a special banquet. Campers and staff will sit together by lodge. We all sing songs and enjoy the last day of camp together in a festive environment.

Final Assembly:
A gathering to celebrate special achievements over the summer. We recognize campers who have demonstrated themselves in particular activities. Those who have participated in wilderness canoe and mountain trips are also recognized, along with campers who have earned other camp achievements. Final Assembly is followed by a casual outdoor supper together. Parents are invited to attend both events.


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