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Every camper has the opportunity to go on mountain and canoe trips. All Trips staff are certified in Wilderness First Aid and CPR. Staff also attend an intensive 3 day training clinic.

Our Trip Program is designed to offer unique outdoor experiences for all our campers. We have designed safe yet exciting hiking, canoeing and camping adventures in Maine and New Hampshire. These trips give our campers the opportunity to discover the beauty of the wilderness and develop self-confidence in living in the out-of-doors.

Campers on our trips learn to read topographical weather patterns and whitewater river currents. Campers also learn about orienteering and discover the best methods to create proper shelter, build fires in adverse conditions, plan and prepare hearty meals and pack appropriate gear and equipment.

We design all our trips to be age appropriate. Each age group is offered several options throughout the summer for Canoe and Mountain trips. We ask parents for permission for day and overnight trips before Camp. Campers can choose to sign up for the trips that interest them once they arrive at Camp. The Head of Canoeing and Mountain Trips will talk with each age group about their options.

Mountain Trips include:
-Day trips
-Overnight hiking/camping trips
-Overnight hiking/hut trips using the AMC hut system
-Multi-day Wilderness backpacking and base camp trips.

To learn more about the AMC hut system, visit:

CanoeTrips include:
-Day trips
-Overnight camping trips
-3-5 day Wilderness Canoe Trips.

Our staff is selected for their skills, experience and dedication to outdoor pursuits. Most of our staff, male and female, come from around the US and have strong personal experience in hiking, canoeing and camping.

Safety is the first thing we teach our staff. Trip staff are 21 years old and up. All have been trained in Wilderness First Aid and CPR. Canoeing Staff will also possess American Red Cross Lifeguard certification. Both Canoe and Mountain Trip staff receive a three-day training clinic to familiarize them with Camp Arcadia standards, as well as to give them practice in the lakes and mountains where they will be guiding our campers.

We offer a Wilderness Trip program to campers who have demonstrated ability in Canoeing, Campcraft and longer distance hiking. Our campers can choose a Wilderness Canoe trip, a Wilderness Mountain trip, or both!

Over the course of our 7 week session, we offer 2 three-day Wilderness trips. We also offer 1 five day trip for more experienced campers. Our Wilderness Canoe trips give our campers the chance to put their skills in Canoeing and Campcraft into practice, while enjoying the natural beauty of Maine!

Campers go on a Whitewater practice a week before they depart on a whitewater trip. In the past, campers and staff have paddled the St. John, St. Croix and Allagash rivers, and Umbagog, Rangeley and Eziscohos lakes.

Days before a trip departs, we involve the campers going on the trip in planning the multi-day menu. Campers cook nutritional and unique meals while on the trip! Participants on past trips have enjoyed ‘pineapple upside down cake’ made in reflector ovens, as well as hearty pasta dishes and homemade cinnamon rolls.

Everyone on a trip is involved. We encourage all the campers to help prepare, cook and clean up after each meal. Duties are rotated: some attend to the fire while others set up tents, kitchen tarps and shelter. We involve the campers in equipment planning. Quantities for cooking and setting up shelter are listed and checked before packing begins. We ask the campers to think about items like rope, stoves, tarps, forks and fuel and how many are needed for the expedition. With our guidance, campers learn to pack sensibly and carefully.

We offer a 3-5 day wilderness trip for campers who have an interest in hiking and camping. We take them through the same process for packing and planning as for canoe trips. Campers interested in wilderness mountain trips will do a longer ‘warm-up’ hike together a week before the big trip departs. Each year, we select a new destination for our Wilderness trip. In the recent past, we have hiked Mt. Katahdin in Baxter State Park, the Pemigewassett and Franconia Wildernesses in New Hampshire and the Bigelow Range in Maine. Our wilderness trips are either backpacking or base camping.

Backpacking Trips:
We teach the campers the principles of leave-no-trace camping. All equipment, tents and food are carried in backpacks. Campers learn how to use lightweight camping stoves, how to pack efficiently and plan a menu rich in protein but also lightweight.

Base Camp Trips:
Our food and equipment is kept at the campsite. Packing for 5 days of equipment, cooking and fire building requires more consideration, but allows our campers to plan a comprehensive (and gourmet) menu!

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