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We are very proud to be celebrating our 102nd season in 2017. We hope you will enjoy reading about and seeing pictures of our Camp. And please feel free to contact us at any time.


Camp Arcadia, a residential summer camp for girls in the Lakes Region of Maine, has been operated by the same family for four generations. A warm, family atmosphere and close guidance foster the development of personal growth and self-confidence. Firsthand experiential learning – climbing a mountain or sleeping under the stars – helps a girl grow in new ways.  Arcadia is a place where girls learn to be dependent on themselves and on nature, not on technology.  They grow in understanding themselves and the world around them as well as in learning to live happily with others.  Life long friendships develop.

New experiences of happiness, friendship, growth and being at home in the out-of-doors – these are our goals for each of our 170 campers from more than twenty-states different states and twelve different countries. 365 acres of Maine woods, lakes, and fields create a safe home that stimulates an interest in the natural world.

  •  My reason for choosing Arcadia for my daughter is the enduring commitment to personal development, lifelong learning and a strong connection to community and the environment.  My child thrives at Arcadia because the philosophy is embedded in all of the campers’ interactions with peers and counselors as well as the daily activities.  There’s a continuous feedback loop that supports my child’s growth as a young woman and a world citizen.

  • “When I was concerned about sending away my nine-year-old for the first time, every single person I talked to at Arcadia was empathetic, encouraging, thoughtful and flexible. And very patient with all of my worries!”

  • “Arcadia really is so much more than a summer camp as girls learn life skills while experiencing group living and activities.  I’ve always felt it was a large part of my education as well as my daughter’s.  It also provided a common connection between us (across the generations) as well a connection between my children and their cousins who they don’t have an opportunity to see much.”

    Third generation Arcadian and parent
  • “Every year I go to camp and I feel free. I don’t worry about how I look and what others think of me.  I can be myself.  I can be expressive in ways that I could not anywhere else.  Camp is my second home.  When I leave Arcadia a part of me stays there, and when I come back I am whole again.  I love going to camp as I do not think I would complete without it.  The people I have to gotten to know there are life-long friends.  They are irreplaceable.”

    First generation camper
  • “In the beautiful Maine woods, under the care of Camp Arcadia’s enthusiastic and loving staff, my daughter had the time of her life. The combination of well-structured activities and freedom to run free gave her just the balance she needed to develop both physically and emotionally. Arcadia’s philosophy of cherishing friendship, spirit, and nature sets a tone that is positive and inspiring. The high number of staff per camper means everyone is well taken care of and new opportunities for development and exploration are possible. For my daughter this meant a summer of unparalleled growth that has continued through the school year. Most important, for my daughter, it’s been a blast.”

  • “Arcadia has become my daughter’s home away from home. Through the camp’s spirit, generosity and support, my daughter has 7 weeks each summer to grow, play, learn, sing, and deepen friendships that remain close throughout the year. I know when I bring my daughter to camp in June that she will be well cared for and encouraged to be her best and brightest self. Each year when I come to pick her up, she is filled with memories that will last a lifetime, and though she leaves reluctantly, she knows Camp Arcadia will be there for her to return to year after year.”

  • “In July 1969 a young camper was increasingly excited about the upcoming Apollo 11 moon landing.  The moon seems so close in the clear Maine sky.  Arcadia had the insight to wake the entire camp up that night, a natural extension of its focus on the natural world around us.  Little did I think that 20 years later I would be a NASA scientist myself, combining the study of biology on earth with the potential for life in universe.  From field work to the stars, the comfort and love that Arcadia taught me with living and working in the “out of doors” has been an essential part of my career.  As the saying goes, if you know the constellations, you are never away from home. I am incredibly grateful that my daughter has been able to have the same experience and hope that it will continue for generations to come.  Arcadians are your sisters, and the outdoors is your home.

    Former camper, counselor and parentSenior Research Scientist – NASA
  • “Camp Arcadia has been one of the richest, most positive experiences of my daughter’s life. The professionalism of the staff and their emphasis on learning, and above all safety, gives me great peace of mind when I send my daughter off for the summer. The culture of Arcadia — especially its emphasis on ethical behavior, kindness and respect toward fellow campers — is very much in line with the values I want my daughter to embrace. The friendships my daughter has made and incredible range of skills she has learned, all in the context of fun and camaraderie with others, is priceless.”

  • “If your daughter is anything like me, Arcadia will change her life for the better.

    I started camp as an insecure and awkward 10 year-old, unsure of myself and uncomfortable around my peers and in the out-of-doors. By the time I was 16 and in the Counselor Leadership Training Group, I could chop down a tree, negotiate peace with my cabin mates, lead an overnight canoe trip, teach a younger camper to build a fire, and stand in front of the whole camp to sing a song. Camp Arcadia gave me the skill set and safe space to become the woman I was meant to be.

    The skills I learned in the activities at Arcadia helped me to feel more sure of myself. Learning outdoor skills isn’t just about being an asset on camping trips–it gives young women the confidence they need to have success in their education and careers. Knowing that I could stern a canoe made me feel capable when applying to colleges; knowing I could chop wood feel made me feel strong when giving a speech at a debate tournament.

    Camp Arcadia was the single best investment my mom made in my personal development.”

    Second generation Arcadian, past camper and counselorOffice of the SVP, Secretary and General Counsel – Metropolitan Museum of Art

2017 Dates

Full Season –
June 22nd – August 10th

Four Weeks –
June 22nd – July 23rd
(2nd grade – 7th grade)

Two Weeks –
July 24th – August 10th
(2nd grade – 7th grade)

Family Camp Week 1 –
August 13th – 19th

Family Camp Week 2 – 
August 20th – 26th

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New York City – October 30th, 3:30-5:00pm

Brookline, MA – November 12th, 3:30-5:00pm

Darien, CT – November 19th, 4:00-5:30pm

Bethesda, MD – TBD


Wednesday, November 2nd, 4:00-5:00pm

Thursday, November 10th, 4:00-5:00pm

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If these dates do not work for you, please click here to email Louise Johnson a few dates and times that work best for you and your daughter.

Please email if you have questions about our gatherings, which are designed for potential new parents and campers to learn more about us and to meet representatives of our staff.

Other Opportunities…

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